Here’s Your First Real Look At ‘Bloodborne’ In Gore-Soaked Action

Bloodborne, the new Dark Souls meets survival horror title being made by the guys at From Software sounds great on paper, but getting a peek at actual Bloodborne gameplay has been more impossible than, well, a From Software game. That changes now though, as we have a nice, meaty six-minute-plus gameplay demo of Bloodborne for you. Unsurprisingly the game looks a lot like Demon Souls, except it’s in an urban setting and features some truly ridiculous blood spray effects.

Check it out below…

Looks intriguing, but I fear it might lack some of that addictive Demon Souls structure. Also, based on the above footage, Bloodborne doesn’t seem to be terribly scary for a horror-themed game, although that boss at the end is more than a little intense. What do you folks think? Are you on board for From Software’s latest, or are you holding off for Dark Souls 3?

Via Destructoid