The ‘Homework First’ NES Lock Proves Not Everything Was Better In The ’80s

These days all consoles come with parental locks designed to let parents limit the type and amount of video games their kids play, but older consoles like the NES had no such options. If you wanted to lock down Nintendo’s classic console, you had to resort to more, let’s say, draconian measures.

The “Homework First” NES lock was an actual thing manufactured by Master Lock during the ’80s. The device, which looked like miniature bike lock, fit onto the front of the NES preventing poor unfortunate kids from putting a cartridge in the slot.

Just look at this implement of torture.

All I can say is I’m incredibly glad my mom never discovered this thing existed. I’m not sure if I would have survived childhood with my sanity intact if she had one of these things in her possession.

Via Neatorama