The ‘HALO’ Honest Trailer Knows How To Solve Problems With Pistol Whippings

(Some NSFW audio)

“From the developer of three separate franchises about mass-murdering aliens, comes the series that launched the Xbox, pushed the Xbox 360 to new heights, and came out way too late to make the Xbox One relevant.” So begins the HALO honest trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games, who are finally addressing a game in the HALO series now that Halo 5: Guardians has been released.

It’s more of an honest trailer for the whole series than just the first game. After all, it wasn’t only the first installment that taught us the solution to all problems is to pistol whip them in the face, or that hearing monks chant should make us want to kill aliens, or that swords can run out of ammo. Yeah, we’re still confused about that last one. It’s almost as much of a mystery as Master Chief’s face…

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Via Smosh Games