The Honest Trailer For ‘Watch Dogs’ Has Much Hacking. Such Future. Wow.

“The freedom of Just Cause. The humor of Grand Theft Auto. And the fun of Saints Row… are not in this game. But, you DO have a phone!” So begins a perfect summation of Watch Dogs in the newest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games. It was one of the most frustrating games of 2014, and this video demonstrates some of what was off-putting about it. So, this guy just runs around shooting people and draining the bank accounts of people waiting for the bus? And he’s doing that because his niece died? OK then. Still doesn’t explain why the visual effects were intentionally throttled after the ads were filmed but before the game’s release, and Ubisoft’s explanation didn’t suffice.

Oh well, at least there were trolling opportunities and memes.

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(Via Smosh Games)