Honest Trailers Tackles The LEGO Video Game Phenomenon With ‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’

It may seem a little odd that Honest Trailers is specifically taking on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, but this trailer is basically them taking on the whole LEGO video game phenomenon, which is definitely due a ribbing.

They make a really good point about how these games (which I’m not really a fan of) are basically the exact opposite of actual LEGO. Real LEGO is about careful building, while the LEGO games are about ADD-addled destruction. But look, little Lego dude Iron Man! And Batman! And Luke Skywalker! There’s basically no avoiding it. If you’re even a semi-nerd, you own a few of these games.

Personally, I probably won’t buy another LEGO game until they come out with LEGO: LEGO, where you just get a big virtual bucket of mismatched parts you can build things with. I may be waiting a while.

(Via Smosh Games)