‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Unleashes The Robot Dinosaurs In its Latest Gorgeous Trailer

There are certainly plenty of visually impressive video games coming down the pipe, but arguably none of them look quite as amazing as Horizon Zero Dawn. A new action adventure from Guerrilla Games (Killzone), Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a world where humans have devolved to a medieval-like existence, while all manner of robotic “wildlife” runs free. Basically, the game is The Legend of Zelda with a female protagonist, giant robots, and some absolutely eye-melting visuals. Hey, sign me up.

Today at their Playstation Meeting 2016 press conference Sony showed off some fresh Horizon Zero Dawn footage, and darn if it wasn’t the most impressive yet. The video shows redheaded protagonist Aloy making her way through a new jungle-like setting, taking on a smaller robot, then scaling, and ultimately taming, a giant mechanical brontosaurus-like creature. It’s a truly impressive sequence, and I have a feeling it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The trailer was designed to show off the abilities of the powerful new Playstation 4 Pro, so you can dial the video all the way up to 4K resolution using the little gear in the bottom-right corner, provided whatever screen you’re using has the capability.

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently scheduled to hit shelves February 28, 2017.