Agitha, Lana, And Midna Wreck Shop In Three New ‘Hyrule Warriors’ Trailers

It’s starting to look like only lame-Os will play as Link in Hyrule Warriors — the rest of the game’s female-heavy cast just looks a lot more creative. Here’s three new trailers to prove the point.

First up with have Agitha, who summons giant bugs to creepily kick ass for her…

Next up is original character Lana, who seems like she’ll be an interesting character to master. Most of her attacks are about boxing off and manipulating enemies with giant floating books.

Finally, we have Midna. It kind of goes without saying that she’s awesome.

Nintendo has teased there’s even more characters to come. I’m sure they’re holding back on the Tingle reveal until near launch so he can really drive sales.

Via Kotaku