If ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Existed In Real Life, He’d Probably Look A Lot Like This

06.19.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

SEGA’s classic video game Sonic the Hedgehog first hit shelves 24 years ago and someone’s finally decided to make a proper homage to the speedy blue animal. The above video comes from Mashable‘s youtube channel The Watercooler and stars the San Diego Zoo’s own Elvis the hedgehog.

It may have taken two and a half decades for a proper tribute to the video game that briefly gave Super Mario Bros. a run for its money, but it’s finally here. Sure, they failed to dye Elvis blue for authenticity and he is a lot slower than his video game counterpart, but it’s pretty evident by this video that hedgehogs really do love them gold rings.

Oh and please don’t go dyeing animals colors now. I was totally joking.

(Via Mashable)

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