IKEA Unveils ‘MANLAND,’ An In-Store Playland For Men


Because everyone knows that a) men are essentially children, b) men hate shopping with the ladies in their life and c) men love to play games, this move by IKEA to create men-only playlands in their stores is one of the more brilliant ideas I’ve seen in a while.

Xbox consoles, free hotdogs and sports broadcasts provide the reluctant male a respite from the shopping labyrinth that is IKEA, but no chance for wives to sneak off to other stores leaving the menfolk behind; partners are issued buzzers that go off thirty minutes after a man is dropped off to remind them to pick up their charges (presumably before any major purchases are made).

Play Xbox and watch football while shopping with the lady friend? Could this be considered sexist? Who cares!? Let’s go to IKEA, y’all!

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