Jay-Z Releases A Video Game About Jay-Z

04.26.12 5 Comments

Look, I know what you’ve been thinking — you wish you knew more about Jay-Z. Don’t we all? If only the man would give us more insight into his past, his ambitions, his personal financial status, what kinds of problems he has and doesn’t have, etc., though his music. Look, I know — it’s frustrating. But now there’s “Empire”

Reports Gamezone:

Jay-Z has released a new Facebook game dubbed Empire. The hustler-turned-entrepreneur wants you to follow his steps in becoming a business mogul. Empire closely mimics the hip-hop star’s life from his time in the housing projects in Brooklyn to his eventual rise as global businessman.

In terms of gameplay, Empire follows the same routine and mechanics of most Facebook games. You have an energy bar in which you can perform tasks like engaging in rap battles, making a mix tape for street cred, getting a job for money, etc. In turn, these actions earn you experience, money, or fame which you can use to level up. Do it all right and you can end up living the high life in sunny Miami.

Now if we could only get some more insight into Kanye’s quiet life of seclusion!

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