JJ Watt’s ‘Madden’ Voice Recording Session Got Out Of Hand On ‘SNL’

The pre-Super Bowl edition of SNL lampooned the football world in more ways than one, as JJ Watt used his hosting duties to take a swipe at Rudy. That didn’t mean the episode went without making a few jokes at his expense as well.

One sketch where Watt was decidedly the butt of the jokes was one where he was presumably recording voice work for the next Madden football video game. Things started out pretty normal, with Watt reading off a script that included some on-field dialogue. But then, Watt’s video game character began to make some mistakes.

“Sorry boys, that one’s on me,” Watt said, presumably missing a tackle.

“Captain clumsy strikes again,” Watt said after missing a virtual interception.

“God I suck today!” Watt is made to say, a line that could likely be used for a lot of on-field errors. It didn’t take long for Watt to notice where things were going here, and he wanted to know what the script writers had against him.

“It kinda sounds like video game JJ Watt messes up a lot,” Watt said, pointing out that he’s a “top-ranked defensive end” and hoping that his video game alter ego should play the same way. The next line, however, seemed to give him hope. For a while, at least.

“Y’all see that sack?” Watt said. “I hope our quarterback’s OK. That team is good!”

The next line makes fun of a little boy in a wheelchair, which gets Watt pretty upset. He continues with stuff you say in the huddle, but it continues to get worse. And continues to mention the boy. And something Watt mentioned in his monologue: not reaching the Super Bowl as a player.

“Woo, I’m going to the Super Bowl baby. My wife’s company got tickets!” Watt said, before getting upset again. Hey, at least he’s getting there one way or another! The sketch also showed his Madden avatar, which was all wrong as well.

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It had a jewel from The Sims above his head and everything! The rest was all wrong, too, but that seems like the most glaring mistake.