‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Works Surprisingly Well As A Crime Drama

We may never see Nintendo’s properties adapted by Hollywood, although we’ve heard tantalizing hints that it might be happening. But until then, fans will just have to make their own, and this particular take on it is surprisingly creative.

Essentially, Dayside TV is reimagining the whole thing as a Hong Kong crime drama Johnnie To would be proud of. Instead of a naïve village elf, Link is an undercover cop punching his way through the underworld looking for crime boss Ganon and his connection with Zelda. The most amusing part is how they work in references to various parts of the franchise while nodding to Hong Kong cinema tropes. Navi, the annoying fairy from Ocarina of Time, is now his partner on the force, which in accordance with Hong Kong drama rules, is a pretty young woman. They even found a way to work in Link’s green cap, which is now, in fine police drama tradition, a toque.

The full short debuts later today on Dayside, but the trailer alone is hilarious, especially if you’ve played too many Zelda games and watched too many Hong Kong action dramas. Now, how can we get a movie off the ground about a plumber who stumbles onto the Bowser mob, and happens to be surprisingly nimble?

(Via Eurogamer)