‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Comes To Life With A Dad And His Daughter Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is a magical time in a child’s life where you get to combine playing outside, pretending to be your favorite character, and eating candy into one magical night. Of course, some kids get more, ah, into character than others, as this video shows off.

The adorable skit from Free Dad Videos stars, once again, the YouTuber’s daughter Amelia — last seen on the internet blowing up the Death Star — as she dresses up like Link and goes on trick-or-treating. She also conveniently forgets her father in the process, while engaging in such fine upstanding Zelda traditions as fighting monsters in the woord, using demolitions-grade explosives to commit vandalism, and breaking into villagers’ houses and taking their stuff. In other words, add some TP and some eggs and it’s an old-fashioned traditional Halloween!

Joking aside, the video is adorable and filled with little nods to the franchise, which both father and daughter love, and even has a few amusingly cheesy special effects. And it’s also a great Link costume, to boot. Really, at the rate Nintendo is going with its film projects or lack thereof, this is likely as close to a Zelda series as we’re going to get. So, any chance this kid would be willing to operate a Hookshot?

(via YouTube)