This New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Fan Film Is Actually A Spaghetti Western

Hang ‘Em Hyrule is a new fanvid from Beat Down Boogie that takes all the subtle homages to Westerns in the Zelda game franchise and makes it literal.

In all my years of playing Zelda games, I’ve never thought: “Wow, Ganon is sort of hot.” But here you go, a showdown between a gun-toting Zelda and Link, and a swarthy outlaw Ganondorf.

There are a lot of things I love about this video. The soundtrack by Chris Hurn, which I wish was actually available for download. The costumes by Volante Design, which actually are available for sale on their site (along with a bunch of other beautiful designs).

Unfortunately, that does not include the Triforce holster, which is what I want to own most of all.

I’m not sure what’s up with all the crazy contact lenses in this, but everything else is great, and I have no idea how people who aren’t getting paid to make splashy videos continue to make expensive-looking fan films. Especially the care and effort it takes to make what’s essentially a silent movie, as this one doesn’t even have any dialogue.

(Via Kotaku)