Alison Brie Unleashes Her Inner Unikitty In The Latest ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Trailer

As we’ve established, the upcoming “toys to life” mega-crossover game LEGO Dimensions is going to have a pretty killer voice cast. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Gary Oldman and Stephen Merchant are all in there. Also lending her voice to the game is Alison Brie as Unikitty from The LEGO Movie, and just like her Community cast mate Joel McHale, she’s been tapped for her own LEGO Dimensions trailer.

So yes, this is not a drill, the latest LEGO Dimensions trailers contains a goodly amount of footage of Alison Brie playing with LEGO. Maybe check your favorite websites one last time, because the internet is about to implode. Of course, Alison has more than a little Unikitty in her, so when she loses a piece she quickly goes from cheery to slightly more destructive. I know how she feels. I’ve come closer than I’d like to admit to murdering siblings over stolen and lost LEGO pieces. You don’t take one of the cannons from my LEGO pirate ship and get away with it, darnit.

Anyways, yeah, LEGO Dimensions continues to push all the right nerd buttons. Resistance is futile. The game and associated LEGO sets come out this Sunday, September 27.