Lupe Fiasco Defeated Daigo In ‘Street Fighter V’ Proving Dreams Can Come True

02.16.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

Lupe Fiasco wasn’t supposed to come out victorious. The Chicago rhymer’s shocking upset of Daigo in a best of three Street Fighter matchup is so unprecedented, the analogies it produces seem utterly silly. This is like CM Punk beating Anderson Silva, Tyrion Lannister taking down The Mountain, or Empire Strikes Back-era Luke defeating Darth (Darth was toying with him the entire time). It wasn’t supposed to go down this way. Daigo is arguably the greatest Street Fighter player in the history of the game, and he just lost to Lupe Fiasco, who reportedly had only 30 minutes of playtime before stepping up to the stick.

The scene at the Street Fighter V launch party was intense. Hordes of fans gathered around the two combatants, surely because of each man’s very different level of fame, but also because Fiasco was about to get utterly crushed by Daigo. The match would be a car accident and rubberneckers wanted to catch a glimpse of the destruction. The announcers even made the cynical joke of “he’s beating Daigo!” when Fiasco landed the first hit (that was blocked) in the first round of the first battle. Then they would lose their minds when Lupe took the second round of the first match. He was just getting lucky, right?


Lupe would take match one, but Daigo would come back to even it up. It would culminate in an incredible final round that would show why Street Fighter is, and always will be the greatest fighting game in the world.

That face you make when you beat Daigo:

Lupe Fiasco beats Daigo SFV

(Via Kotaku)

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