This Is Without A Doubt The Most Infuriating Pick Six In The History Of ‘Madden’

The turnover battle is where games are won and lost. You can’t give the other team the ball, no matter what. And in many instances, there’s always someone to blame, always a poor play made, or someone not doing their job that created the flub. Why give their offense a chance to score? Pick sixes are even worse. The empty feeling of watching a defender run free into the end zone is typically reserved for a special circle of hell. Even defenses can empathize with the pain they cause, I’m sure.

Let’s watch again, and again, and again:

This incredible Madden 17 glitch, however, absolves all guilty parties of the pick six. In it, you see the Vikings go back to pass, and while the throw was a little outside, you can’t blame Sam Bradford or his injured hand for what can only be described as a tear through friggin’ time and space. The ball, which bounces off a Viking receiver’s hands, bounces from the Jaguars 40-yard line back 20 yards (in mid-air, mind you) and into the waiting hands of a linebacker, who dances into the end zone as if he’s god’s chosen defender.

This is one of the most egregious glitches we’ve ever seen. It makes no sense. Hopefully, this wasn’t in a competitive game.