Get To Know The Dangerous Allies And Enemies You’ll Meet In ‘Mafia III’

Mafia III looks like it could be one of the sleeper hits of this holiday season. Past Mafia games have been solid, if somewhat generic, open world games in which you try to climb to the top of the Italian Mafia. Give ’em an offer they can’t refuse, take the cannoli — you know the drill. Mafia III on the other hand, takes place in 1960s New Orleans, and follows the exploits of Lincoln Clay, a biracial Vietnam War vet who vows revenge on the Italian Mafia after they kill his father.

The new setting is certainly intriguing, and Mafia III‘s New Orleans looks to be populated by a unique cast of characters, which 2K Games has been detailing through a series of trailers. The latest one, which you can check out above, introduces us to Father James and John Donovan, the two competing mentors in Lincoln Clay’s life.

Speaking of Lincoln Clay, here’s his trailer.

The rest of the cast includes Cassandra, the “Voodoo Queen” who leads the Haitian Mafia, and joins your crew.

Thomas Burke, leader of the Irish Mafia, anarchist and all-round troublemaker.

Vito Scarletta, a suave killer and your Italian Mafia inside man.

And finally, The Marcanos, the ruthless crime family you’ve vowed to take down.

While we’re at it, here’s the latest full Mafia III trailer, which shows us exactly why Lincoln Clay’s father caught a bullet to the head.

Yup, this game is looking like a lot of fun. Mafia III hits shelves October 7.

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