The ‘Mario Bros.’ Theme Song Has Official Lyrics, And Not The Ones Lou Albano Sang

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12.02.15 3 Comments

On Tuesday, Nintendo released a version of the official Mario Bros. theme on Joysound, a karaoke platform popular in Japan. Did you know the Mario Bros. theme had lyrics? No, not the ones Lou Albano sang in The Super Mario Bros Super Show. Kotaku has the backstory:

Anyone who has heard the excellent Mario & Zelda Big Band Live recording from 2003 (or, if you haven’t, above) will be familiar with this vocal version, which actually dates back to 1985, when fans submitted lyrics to a Japanese radio station and they were endorsed by Nintendo as official, with a recorded version of the song released on vinyl.

The vinyl version is available here, but it doesn’t have a guy in a Mario costume like the video above, so you know which one we had to use. The lyrics are in Japanese, but Destructoid has the translation:

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