‘Mario Kart’ Mayhem Comes To ‘GTA V,’ Thanks To New Mods

So, what driving-based game is more violent, Grand Theft Auto or Mario Kart? Sure, you can run people over in GTA, but in Mario Kart, you can attack fellow motorists with explosives and weaponized turtles and run them off cliffs into pools of bubbling lava. Pretty rough stuff either way, but, honestly, I have to give the edge to Mario Kart in the brutality department.

Well, now these two shamefully violent experiences have come together, thanks to a couple new Mario-related mods for Grand Theft Auto V. One lets you wear a creepily detailed Mario mask, and the other lets you cruise the streets in a speedy little go-kart. YouTuber TheGuitarJammer put together a lovely short film of Mario wreaking havoc across Los Santos in his killer kart, which you can check out at the top of this post. Trust me, Mario taking out pedestrians at the knees with his kart while Super Mario Bros. sound effects play is something you need to see.

Want to indulge in a little Grant Theft Mario Kart action? Come on, of course you do. You can download the Mario mask mod here, and the Mario Kart mod here.

via VG 24/7