Martin Starr Of ‘Silicon Valley’ Takes On The Xbox One

If you’re familiar with Silicon Valley at all, you’re probably a fan of Gilfoyle, the arrogant, boldly socially inept engineer played by Martin Starr. Microsoft is definitely familiar with him, because he’s been taking credit for the updates to the Xbox One. So, in the above interview, Starr meets the people who actually built this stuff. It’s… slightly awkward!

Surprisingly, the above clip does feature the actual engineers who built the ambitious Xbox One update rolling out today. If you’re not familiar, Microsoft is turning the Xbox One into a Windows 10 machine, and that means a bunch of new, intriguing features, including the ability to stream games from your Xbox One to your PC for playing them around the house, and, of course, backwards compatibility with your Xbox 360 games. It will also substantially change how you interact with the One: You no longer have to yell at your console to get it to do things.

The update rolls out today, and if you’ve downloaded it, let us know how it’s working out for you. After all, Starr needs to know exactly what to take credit for.