Rumors Are Swirling About A Possible ‘Marvel Vs. Capcom 4’ And It’s Causing A Tug Of War Between Fans

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11.27.16 2 Comments


There’s nothing quite like rumors that persist for beloved series, be it movies, tv, or video games. Fans will always get their hopes up and infighting is sure to follow as rumors sprout, rumors die, and reality begins to set in. Think about everything that flowed out about Star Wars or Game of Thrones on a weekly basis until rumor became reality. Video games probably deal with this more than anything given the development cycle of a game, the time it takes to put something together, and the ferocity of the fans who want to throw their money at game developers.

Personally, I’m still hoping that the rumors of an Onimusha remake/revival are true, but I’ll take this one if it turns out to be true. The Playstation Experience lands in Anaheim to kick off December, with a slew of games making an appearance to play on the floor. According to International Business Times, the first day of presentations are being kept secret:

Sony is making over 100 games available for playing at PSX which will also feature six developer panels. Three of those panels, all of them on the first day of the event, are being kept a secret and the company says they “will be worth the wait!”

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