‘Mass Effect’ Is Reportedly On Hiatus As BioWare Focuses On Other Games

Mass Effect: Andromeda arrived, amid a cloud of whining and nitpicking, to good reviews and reportedly decent, if not brilliant, sales numbers. But word has leaked that Mass Effect is being put on hiatus and the team behind it is getting shuffled to other jobs.

Kotaku, which has a good track record with industry gossip, is reporting that while BioWare isn’t retiring Mass Effect completely, it is effectively putting the series into storage for a while. BioWare Montreal has been downsized with employees moved to other studios or focused on other BioWare projects. To be fair, BioWare is undertaking a massive project, codenamed Dylan and rumored to be their attempt to create a Destiny-esque quasi-MMO, so it might simply be a matter of BioWare needing all hands on deck to launch such a massive project.

Still, it seems odd that the company will be so focused on this one game that one of its more popular franchises will have to sit waiting in the green room. Mass Effect has always had to deal with nitpicky fans and the spotlight that comes with being a prestige franchise in modern gaming, but it’s also generally had the games to back it up. Hopefully, it won’t be on hiatus too long; Ryder deserves a second shot.

(via Kotaku)