This Game About Being A Jerk Goose That Terrorizes A Simple Farmer Looks Sadistic And Brilliant

10.04.17 7 months ago

Mankind fears the lions the tigers and the bears of the world, but the statistics show that run-ins with these ferocious beasts are too rare to truly take seriously, but there is a far less assuming animal in nature that must be avoided at all costs — the goose. Geese are unequivocally the worst. They leave grassy poo-bombs wherever they set up shop, they hiss, honk, and stick out their chests with a bravado that is both impressive and terrifying. They give the best side-eye in the animal kingdom. Geese are almost universally hated, and the only person on record to appreciate the long-necked pond terrorists was Hitler.

Now you can be one. An evil one.

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