Mega Man Will Be Very Different On His New TV Show

Mega Man’s new TV show appears to be on the way. When we last covered it, it was still more concept than reality, but it’s gotten global distribution, so whether he pops up on Netflix or on basic cable, the Blue Bomber is coming back. But be warned: He’s very different.

Deadline’s coverage is largely focused on the business end of things. The company behind Teletubbies and Yo Gabba Gabba, DHX, is handling the American rights. The more curious change, though, is that Mega Man now has a secret identity:

…the series will follow Mega Man’s newly-introduced alter-ego, Aki Light, a normal, upbeat, schoolboy robot who, when activated, re-forms into a suit of impenetrable armor.

That sounds a bit like Astro Boy, although hopefully without the butt machine guns. It’s a departure from the games, where Mega Man is generally Dr. Light’s assistant robot, converted into a battle droid when Dr. Wily turns Light’s creations against him. Or the X series, where Mega Man is the Adam for a race of robots who rebel against the human race and its oppressive police state for synthetic creatures. We can see why perhaps the team behind Lala and Po wanted to lighten things up just a little bit.

No network has been announced yet, but it seems likely Mega Man will get a chance to shine sooner rather than later. Hopefully, though, the animation is more on point than Mega’s last go-round.

(Via Deadline)