Konami Is Helping Make A Snake-Inspired Prosthetic Limb For An Amputee ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Fan

Konami hasn’t been the recipient of a lot of good publicity lately. They’ve had a nasty, public falling out with Metal Gear Solid-creator Hideo Kojima, canceled the anticipated Silent Hills and may be forcing their own employees to quit as they plan to pull out of video game development altogether. That said, no company is all bad, and apparently Konami is doing a rather wonderful thing for 25-year-old Metal Gear fan James Young.

Young, who lost an arm and leg in a 2012 train accident, will be getting a cutting-edge artificial arm courtesy of Konami and prosthetic artist Sophie De Oliveira Barata. The new arm will be visually inspired by Venom Snake’s arm in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Aside from looking cool, the Metal Gear-inspired limb will be “multi-functional” (no word on if James will actually be able to play Metal Gear Solid V with it). A short documentary about the creation of the limb will debut in early 2016.

Hopefully this is a sign that Konami’s no-good, horrible, very bad 2015 is behind them, and they’re looking to make some more positive headlines in 2016. And if not, well, at least one guy gets a seriously badass new arm.

via Eurogamer