‘Fable’ Was The Final Reveal At Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Event

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X game event showed off works from 10 of its console exclusive studios on Wednesday, with the biggest title being a first look at Halo Infinite. But we also got another look at an original Xbox game that had plenty of hype. The final thing Microsoft showed off at the end of the event was a whimsical-looking visual of a fairy bouncing around the screen before the reality set in: Playground Games is working on a new version of Fable.

The video showed that fairy frolic to a whimsical voiceover about “legendary heroes” and “stories” that’s abruptly ended by that fairy getting eaten by a bullfrog.

“Not all stories have happy endings,” the voice says. “But yours has yet to be written.

Fable was an action RPG that came out for the original Xbox in 2004. The concept was innovative, telling a story that let your decisions impact how your character’s story actually played out. The game has a devoted legion of fans and saw a sequel, but despite lofty goals for the series many were disappointed overall. Sequels have come out since the original, including 2017’s Fable Fortune, but a next-gen Fable will have plenty of people excited about the new Microsoft console.

We truly only got a brief glimpse in the presentation, and have no details about what gameplay will look like or how the game will actually look outside of cutscenes. But knowing a new Fable is on the way, for some, is already more than enough.

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