Microsoft’s HoloLens Demo For ‘Minecraft’ Is Jaw-Dropping

Microsoft’s bid for the cutting edge is the HoloLens, and it looks pretty cool. But the Minecraft demonstration, showing what you could do with Hololens, has taken it to the next level.

Thanks to a special camera rig, we see the HoloLens allows players to, say, take a first-person view of the game on their wall, and put a full, 3D version of that world on a flat surface. It essentially translates your Minecraft game into a LEGO set for you to play with. You can issue voice commands, “lift” the game world to see what’s underneath it, and guide your friends to map points with spoken commands. You know, let’s stop describing it. Here’s how amazing it is in one GIF.

How far this will go for AAA gaming, I’m not sure; Minecraft is essentially a big LEGO set and uniquely suited to holographic tools. Gears of War 4, probably not. Still, it’s a fairly dramatic demonstration of what the HoloLens can do, and frankly, a far more compelling presentation than any of the VR companies pitching their wares have offered.

(Via Kotaku)