The New ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ Trailers Show Off Your Spooky Ghost Powers

If Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor isn’t on your radar, you might want to get it on there, since it’s one of the few games that hasn’t shuffled off to greener 2015 pastures at this point. The game looks to have some interesting mechanics, such as the ability to frighten enemies with your wraith powers, and the Nemesis system where enemies will remember and react to your past interactions with them.

Here’s a trailer detailing the wraith powers…

And here’s one showing how the Nemesis system works.

I dunno — I feel like I’d be a lot more excited for this game if it wasn’t Middle-Earth branded. It looks like a good, innovative title, but it’s too dark and gritty and generally lacking in the proper Tolkein-esque tone. Still, it’s steadily making it’s way up my “Most Anticipated” list.

Via DSOGaming