‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Gets A Trailer And An All-Star Cast

When you’ve got the kind of money Minecraft makes, you can do a particularly lavish story mode. And so it is with Telltale Games’ strangest licensed adventure game yet, and they’ve got a heck of a cast to go with it.

Said cast includes Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson (yes, Chrissy Seaver), Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Telltale staple Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Billy West, and Pee-wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens. They will all be voicing block people who punch trees, just to give you an idea how strange being an actor in the twenty-first century actually is.

As for the game itself, it’s more or less what inevitably happens when you screw around in Minecraft; you discover something new, that usually explodes or sets you on fire, and promptly screws everything up. Our heroes, though, can’t just reroll and start digging for redstone again, they have to fix whatever they’ve screwed up. And, apparently, you can craft, so that should be a nice change of pace.

Following Telltale tradition, there’s no release date yet. But since we’ve seen a trailer, it’ll likely show up within a few weeks.

(via ComingSoon)