This Is What 4.5 Years Of One Guy Building His Own Fantasy Minecraft World Looks Like

Just about everyone plays Minecraft, but not many people have the focus and determination to create a fully-realized fantasy world to live in. For Reddit user Dancsa222, the last 4.5 years have been dedicated to creating one of the most intricate Minecraft worlds ever created.

We’ve seen the accurate recreations of New York, or even Game of Thrones‘ Westeros, but those projects were created by teams of people working in shifts off of a template for what the world should be. Dancsa has created the Kingdom of Galekin purely out of his own creativity, and it’s utterly incredible. Galekin has various castles and keeps, which each part of the kingdom supported by a working town. Within the towns and villages, there are farms where animals roam, and people can gather in the town square. Beyond the mountains, large walls block invaders so the denizens of Galekin can visit their cathedral for daily worship.

It isn’t just surface area to show off, either — Galekin’s homes, castles, and churches are all furnished and lit. It’s truly astounding, and as one Redditor put it — made for exploring in VR.

But, you know, this was probably created in creative mode so it isn’t that impressive (yes it is).

Check out Galekin’s incredible photo album here.

(Via Kotaku)