This Supercut Of Every ‘Mortal Kombat’ Fatality Is A Nostalgic And Nauseating Orgy Of Violence

The Mortal Kombat series has been around for nearly 25 years with over a dozen titles to its name, which adds up to a hell of a lot of Fatalities. But how many have you actually seen yourself? Those things are hard to pull off! Or, at least, they used to be. Mortal Kombat Fatalities were whispered about in hushed tones at recess, but you rarely saw them with your own two eyes.

Well, now you have a chance to watch every Fatality ever. Dedicated YouTuber Izuniy has cut together all the spine-ripping, skull-crushing finishers from every Mortal Kombat game ever published, and the result is an epic 100-minute orgy of desensitizing ultraviolence. You can check it out above.

For my money, Fatalities peaked as an art form in Mortal Kombat II. That game’s finishers were certainly gruesome – who could forget Kitana’s explosive kiss, Kung Lao slicing opponents down the middle, or Liu Kang transforming into a dragon? That said, they weren’t overly long or needlessly elaborate. The more recent Mortal Kombat games have decided to turn every Fatality into a two-or-three-step affair — apparently a good old fashioned decapitation or disembowelment isn’t enough to entertain kids on its own anymore.

So, what are your favorite Fatalities? And hey, while we’re at it, what about Brutalities, Babalities, Friendships, and whatever other nonsense they’ve put in MK games over the years?

via Polygon