Nathan Fillion And The ‘Uncharted’ Fan Film Director Have Been Approached About A Potential Series

On Monday, Gridlocked director Allan Ungar released a nearly 15-minute fan film adaptation of the video game series Uncharted. By Tuesday, it had racked up over one and a half million views on YouTube, which is likely due to the Naughty Dog game franchise’s devoted fanbase. Yet the fact that actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) played the game’s dashing adventurer, historian, and thief, Nathan Drake, is probably the biggest reason why so many people have tuned in to check out the passion project. And according to Fillion and Ungar’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, it seems their little secret may turn into something more.

“We’re very happy and we’re very proud of what we accomplished,” the director told EW when asked if the pair had any plans for more Uncharted projects. “I actually got a couple emails today, I’m not gonna say from who, but there’s definitely people talking about what this could mean as a digital series or something further. Obviously there’s interest in there, and I think if it makes sense and if it’s done right, I’d be thrilled to have a conversation about it and possibly see this specific story continue.”

As for Fillion’s involvement, it had nothing to do with being officially approached to do anything official with an Uncharted adaptation. (Sony Pictures’ ongoing attempts to get a film off the ground haven’t gone so well.) Instead, the actor simply confessed that he and Ungar “just got tired of waiting” for it to happen. “We just wanted to see something. And I’m very excited to see what Sony is coming up with. I’m a huge Tom Holland fan. I think that kid’s on fire,” he said. “I’m just excited to see what they come up with. I think we just got tired of waiting.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)