This Is One Of Your Last Chances To Get An NES Classic Without Paying A Small Fortune

The final shipments of the NES Classic were promised by Nintendo to reach stores around the final week of April, and now we’re here, with only a few chances left to get the cute little system full of games for proper retail value. The Verge is reporting that Best Buy will be the lucky store receiving some of the last shipments of the system, and in a win for brick and mortar, Best Buy websites will not be getting in on the action. Whether online retailers like Amazon will see inventory from the final shipments remains to be seen.

According to The Verge, a Best Buy spokesman said the systems would be distributed via first come, first serve basis. I called a few of my local Best Buys, and they all said they would be handing out numbers to people lined up for the system about 30 minutes before the store opened. So, there’s conflicting information out there, but you should be able to get one of these suckers if you put in the legwork.

In this case, show up a few hours before open and you might save yourself a couple hundred bucks. Ebay has NES Classics starting around $220 up to $400, so taking the time if you really want one is worth it, especially considering there will be a heavy discount on NES Classic accessories since there will be no system to go along with them soon enough.

Soon enough, we’ll be lamenting the sad, last shipments of the SNES Classic. I can’t wait for the N64 and Gamecube Classic, though!