New ‘Far Cry 4’ Footage Shows Racing, Spelunking And Other Open World Silliness

What a tranquil scene. Welp, time to break out the C4. 

We’ve shown you quite a bit of Far Cry 4 footage, but unfortunately a lot of it was being played by people not taking full advantage of the game’s open world. Well, that’s not the case with this latest footage. The player recording this footage is doing what you ought to do in a Far Cry game — being a complete butthole. He also does a little light spelunking, elephant hunting with mines and completes some racing challenges. If you’re afraid Far Cry 4 isn’t going to be varied or ridiculous enough, then this should allay your fears.

Check out the footage below…

If Ubisoft really wanted to blow minds, the next Far Cry would be a strategy game where you try to stop this one crazy, superpowered a-hole from singlehandedly destroying your humble island/mountain nation.

Via DualShockers