‘Pokken Tournament DX’ Finally Brings Pokemon To The Switch

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Nintendo had a brief Nintendo Direct this morning to, essentially, announce it was putting out a ton of Pokemon games this fall. Except, of course, the game fans actually want, this being Nintendo.

First up? Pokken Tournament DX, arriving on the Switch and the Wii U September 22nd. Understandably, Nintendo focused on the Switch, showing a Thai kid hitchhiking his way across the country and playing Pokken Tournament with the multicultural backpackers he meets along the way, in a very Instagrammy take on game ads. The fighting game played well and was lots of fun, but if you were hoping for an actual Pokemon game for the Switch, well, looks like you’ll have to keep waiting.

But there is a new Pokemon game coming. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are arriving for the 3DS November 17th and tell a side story to the original Sun and Moon, complete with entirely new Pokemon to catch, of course. It seems, for now, that any Pokemon will be sticking to the 3DS, and arguably mobile devices, depending on how you view Pokemon Go.

And if that’s not enough catching for you, Pokemon Gold and Silver are coming to the Virtual Console for the 3DS September 22nd as well. Hey, it’s not a new Pokemon game for the Switch, but we’ll take what we can get.

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