Mad About Nintendo Discontinuing The NES Classic? Good News: The Famicom Mini Will Return

04.14.17 1 year ago 2 Comments


Last July, Nintendo announced the NES Classic, a miniature replica of the NES [full specs] that came bundled with one controller (with a too-short cord) and 30 games. It released with a price of $60 last November, just in time for people to flip out about not being able to find it in stock for Christmas gifts. In other words, it was insanely popular, and therefore Nintendo is discontinuing it. Wait, what?

Yep, Nintendo reportedly doesn’t want the $60 NES Classic to compete with their $300 Switch, to which we say: who the hell wasn’t buying a Switch just because they could play Techmo Bowl on a $60 nostalgia widget?

Well, there’s good news. Nintendo is only temporarily discontinuing the very similar mini version of the Famicom (Family Computer), Japan’s version of the NES.

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