The Nintendo Switch, Formerly The Nintendo NX, Finally Debuts In This First Look

We’ve been talking about the Nintendo NX for almost two years now. And now we finally have a look at the NX and how it’s going to work.

The trailer immediately confirms the big rumor: The Switch is both a console and a handheld. The video shows off a dock with a tablet plugged into it, and that the controller converts from a standard console design to a device that slots around the tablet. It looks, quite a bit, like the WiiU controller, which was an underrated piece of hardware, and it appears each side can independently act as a controller for multiplayer. The trailer also would seem to causally confirm that the device is portable, and also the rumor that after years of discs, Nintendo has returned to cartridges.

It also shows that the tablet itself has a built in kickstand, and that the controller can be removed for on-the-go play if you want to kick back. Furthermore it appears they can be linked to add more players to a game, and you can also plug in and charge the tablet independently. Of course, there’s also the question of games. We see Zelda and Mario, of course, which aren’t surprises, but also Splatoon, a game that sure resembles Skyrim, and what appears to be a version of NBA 2K17.

So when does this show up? March 2017. And it promises to be a very interesting March indeed.