The Nintendo Switch Now Has Some Wonderfully Retro SNES Bluetooth Controllers

Not everyone has a problem with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con, but for some, holding one controller as two pieces can be a bit disconcerting. Maneuvering with the Joy-Con is somewhat weird, as if you’re on TV and don’t know what to do with your hands. Should they be in your lap? At your sides? That painful decision has led many to picking up the proper Pro Controller that looks like just about every modern joypad and simply calling it a day.

But what if you want your gamepad to have some flavor? Retro custom controller manufacturer 8BitDojo announced at E3 that they’re here to serve your needs with the SNES30, a modern controller that will work with the Switch and get many nods of approval from longtime gamers.

The Bluetooth controller has a player indicator light, rumble, and built-in motion control wrapped up in a package that will make you yearn for the simple times of the early ’90s when gamers were attached to systems by cords that were impossibly short. 8BitDojo even made a Super Famicom version for the old-school gamers who yearn for the hardware that was only available in Japan.

The best part? These controllers will do the job at almost half the price of the official Switch Pro Controller, running only $35 on Amazon. And of course, they have an NES controller if you need to rep the ’80s.

(Via GameSpot)