Oh God, Horrifying Glitches Have Invaded The Sex Scenes In ‘The Witcher III’

Warning: The above video is not safe for work.

Weird, mind-warping glitches are just part of the package with most modern triple A games. These glitches can be disturbing enough when they pop up during regular gameplay, but what if they were to invade a more, let’s say, intimate scene? That’s when things really get freaky.

Considering the number of sex scenes in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, I suppose it’s only natural one of them would run into some glitchy issues. In a scene captured by YouTuber Chris Klos, Geralt wanders off with a comely lass for a bit of adult fun and games, but when we hit the bedroom, he’s been reduced to a floating head. The “action” consists of the Geralt and the lady’s heads hovering about while their naked torsos stand manikin-like on the bed. This is a vision of sex right out of a serial killer’s nightmares.

That said, I always find sex scenes in video games intensely embarassing, so whatever, bring on the floating heads, I say.

(Via Kotaku)