Five Games: ‘Overwatch’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

05.23.16 3 years ago

Keeping track of all the games arriving each week on PC, handhelds, consoles and mobile is no easy track, but don’t worry, I’m here to help. Every week in Five Games I separate the wheat from the chaff and pick the titles you need to play attention to.

We recently freshened up the Five Games format a bit. The Pick of the Week is now listed first, and the rest of the games are filed under headings that will hopefully be more helpful for you. Looking for the latest indie hotness? Check the Steam picks. Want to download something for your Xbox One or PS4 on a Saturday night? Hit up the Console Downloads section. Now, without further ado…

Pick of the Week

Overwatch (PC, Xbox One & PS4, May 24)

Unlike this month’s other big “hero shooter” Battleborn, Blizzard’s Overwatch sticks pretty closely to the Team Fortress 2 blueprint. There aren’t really any RPG or MOBA elements in Overwatch, it’s a pretty standards six-on-six arena shooter, but it sets itself apart with its large, diverse, inventive cast of characters. Cowboys, ninjas, hyper intelligent gorillas and, uh, badass climatologists? Overwatch has it all.

Overwatch has been in beta for some time, and for the most part, fan response has been enthusiastic. Yes, there was that unfortunate blowup about a character’s backside, but otherwise, response to Overwatch‘s actual gameplay has been nothing but promising. Get ready to join the melee when the full retail version of Overwatch launches tomorrow.

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