An ‘Overwatch’ Player Uses ‘DJ Hero’ Turntables To Control Lucio

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch is filled to the brim with fascinating characters, but some stick out more than others. So while some players have been focused on how certain types of players tend to pick Reaper and just want their opposition to die, die, die, there aren’t many characters who pack the charm, wit and ability that Lucio does. So while Blizzard has been enacting measures to keep their community from being overrun with trolls, some players are taking other steps to make the game more delightful.

In fact, this one gamer decided to control Lucio with the most fitting of controllers, says Kotaku; turntables. Yes, that’s right, this dude is controlling Lucio, the DJ, with a pair of turntables from the Activision Blizzard title DJ Hero 2. They sort of work here when used in tandem, although they aren’t exactly perfect. When you switch modes between healing and speed Lucio just keeps pushing forward, so there’s that, but c’mon. There’s a button to “BREAK IT DOWN” that lights up, which is perhaps the most perfect thing imaginable.

This could become a trend, maybe this is the perfect way to play as Lucio, even? So if you see a Lucio in a match and he’s running into walls, be kind, he could be actually controlled via a set of plastic turntables.

(Via Kotaku)

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