The Internet Reacts To Blizzard Finally Revealing Overwatch’s Next Character, Sombra

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After dragging it out for a ridiculously long time, Blizzard finally revealed Overwatch‘s new character, Sombra, with a nose boop and a door closing, and that she’d be playable next week, at BlizzCon. Fans, relieved to finally be free of the lengthy ARG, then took a look at Sombra’s neon outfit, hacker skills, and rude ‘tude and had… opinions.

For those unfamiliar, Overwatch is a competitive multiplayer shooter where you can, and in fact usually have to, swap between characters at will. That means any new character both revitalizes the game and probably will annoy the heck out of everyone, because for about a week Sombra is going to be all anybody plays. And, of course, there’s the usual baggage with any new character

Some, of course, were fans, or just glad the ARG was finally over:

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