Blizzard Allows ‘Overwatch’s’ Zenyatta Character To Take His First Steps, And The Results Are Extremely Awkward

As Overwatch evolves from a simple gaming experience into the world leader in esports and wholesome Saturday afternoon competition, millions and millions of fans are being created. And as the audience and passionate Overwatch community grows, questions are getting asked with a greater frequency, like: “why can’t the constantly floating Zenyatta walk?” Now those questions are evolving into statements, such as “let Zenyatta walk and stop having him float.”

This has led to Blizzard finally answering the fans by producing a video of Zenyatta walking around, or something that resembles walking, rather than floating around in his Buddhist monk pose. It’s weird.

The reveal has led not to fan outcries, which is the norm in esports and gaming, but a kind of bewilderment now that a threshold has been crossed that can never be taken back. Mixed emotions are being displayed, and everyone agrees that this moment has changed the game for them forever. Knowing that at any point Zenyatta can step onto the ground and prance around like a hybrid-healing goofball makes you look at him in a different light.

Perhaps this is a lesson learned: Just because a floaty-person can walk, it doesn’t mean they should.