PETA Goes After Mario In Their Dumbest Ad Yet

Senior Contributor
11.15.11 2 Comments

We’d love to tell you that image at right is a joke or a Photoshop or something, but no, no, PETA actually commissioned that ad (and there’s a game that goes with it) about how Mario is wearing a fur suit so he must support the wearing of fur. So let’s have a zombie dog chase him around and call it “Mario Kills Tanuki.”

Leaving aside that PETA is in no place to complain about anybody killing animals, this probably hits a new low in their long history of advertising fails because not only does it completely misunderstand the game, but also the culture it comes from.

To be fair, PETA is right in that tanuki dogs are horribly abused…they just manage to make themselves look like total idiots and once again succeed instead in completely trivializing the issue with their publicity stunt. PETA, just go back to belittling women; at least when you do that, you’re only insulting one culture.

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