A Game Developer Is Filing Copyright Strikes Against PewDiePie After The Streamer Uses A Racial Slur

Increasingly marginalizing and still massively popular video game streamer Pewdiepie has been under fire for what seems like years now, mostly due to his anti-Semitic comments (which Disney fired him over) and his want to go down the regrettable and dark path of “red pilling” his audience. Now, Pewdiepie is feeling the direct wrath of the industry that propagated his stardom, with Firewatch developer Sean Vanaman stating on Twitter that he’ll be filing copyright notices with YouTube in an effort to get Pewdiepie to take down any videos featuring their games.

This, due to Pewdiepie uttering a despicable racial slur during a live streaming session (that was captured and hosted elsewhere for all the world to see).


Real name Felix Kjellberg, “Pewdiepie” has made a name for himself as one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world with his once supposedly charming videos that mostly involved him screaming in fear, but are now used in large part as a testing ground for his “edgy comedy.” Kjellberg’s main audience is young adults and teens plugged into the streaming world, but with his antics becoming more well-known, parents are having “the talk” with their kids and blocking the viewing of his videos.

Pewdiepie’s playthrough of Firewatch, which garnered nearly six million views, has now been taken off YouTube as of this writing. Vanaman is aware that Pewdiepie has helped his game to a degree, but that means little when it comes to being arm in arm with a man who has said he’s “changed” while maintaining a steady stream of distasteful jokes aimed at minorities.


Some fans are already pushing back at Vanaman’s stance, saying this isn’t the intended use of DMCA and copyright laws, so we’ll see how this tired and unfortunate situation plays out.

(Via PC Gamer)