Speedrunners Are Blazing Through The ‘Master Trials’ For Zelda’s ‘Breath Of The Wild’ In Under An Hour

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It hasn’t taken long for players bringing their best to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Master Trials to blaze through the challenge at a breakneck pace. After all if you’re filming your gaming wheelings and dealings, speed thrills. At the moment, Breath of the Wild‘s new DLC is being defeated at near hour-long times and the hour-long barrier has since been cracked.

Dot Esports has placed a spotlight on the current world record-holder for Trial of the Sword and that speedrunner extraordinaire is Canadian gamer Loloup. As documented in his video above, he was able to whip through the barrage on enemies and imminent danger in a tidy 1:19:07 span. Considering that the quest is intended to be a significant challenge and that the DLC has only been available since June 30 (the date of Loloup’s Zelda glory), it’s some impressive work. He’d top that the following day (Canada Day, hosers) with an even better performance.

“I decided to not handicap myself anymore by only using 13 heart pieces and 0 stamina upgrade and it worked out super well,” said Loloup of his new 45:01 time. “This speedrun is way more fun with a lot of upgrades.”

As is the case with any speedrunning quest, expect that fastest time mark to continue to get chiseled down.

(Via Dot Esports & Kotaku)

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