Playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Is Sexual Harrassment, Apparently

Senior Contributor

And we don’t have to take it.

Bolt Insurance, probably inspired by Herman Cain’s touchy-touchy, decided to make clear that sexual harassment is not OK in the workplace, and offered the usual hilarious infographics that come with these things. How bored was the frustrated art student hired to put these things together? So bored he put in a still from “Grand Theft Auto” on a laptop as an example of “playing sexually suggestive movies, music, games or video clips in the workplace.”

So far, no word from Rockstar as to how they feel about proving that they suck productivity from the workplace. But we’re fairly sure that Bolt will soon be issuing another instructive infographic, possibly involving drive-bys or picking up a lady of the evening to replenish your health.

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