You Can Use Your Playstation VR To Display Xbox, Wii-U and PS4 Games

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Most gamers are set up pretty well as far as TVs and multiple PC monitors these days, but there’s always a time when your significant other or roommate/parents/brother/sister/dog needs to use the TV that your console so snugly rests under. Those are tough times, and normally, you just have to swallow and go do something else. But now, thanks to Sony, you can still use your system(s) whenever you want. It’s been confirmed by various outlets that you can use your Playstation VR as a monitor for various consoles including the Xbox One, Wii-U and obviously, the Playstation 4. In fact, according to Ars Technica, the HDMI input for the PSVR should essentially allow you to use the headset as a monitor for just about anything.

Of course, there are caveats: the automatic positioning of the screen won’t work for devices that aren’t a PS4, and plugging the PSVR into a PC won’t allow you to play VR games — once again that’s only for PSVR games. But, it’s a portable, relatively comfy little 1080p screen for you to use, mouth agape, near people who need a headset-free viewing experience.

Those people will not last long, don’t worry. These headsets are here to stay.

(Via Ars Technica)