A ‘Pokemon’ Game Is Coming That You Can Play While You Sleep

The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

Pokemon is everywhere, from the streets to the multiplex. Pokemon Go is the rare game that requires you be active — and maybe puts you in danger of being hit by a car while staring at your phone. It’s clear the company won’t rest until they’re in every nook and cranny of your existence. So don’t get too disturbed by this news: Soon there will be a Pokemon game you can play while you sleep.

The Verge and Variety caught wind of some developments revealed during a press conference Tuesday, which included a new Pokemon cloud service called “Pokemon Home,” which will allow users to collect all their monsters in one place, as well as a new game version of Detective Pikachu that will gibe with the new Ryan Reynolds movie with which the Pokemon company took some umbrage.

But the big news was clearly this revolutionary game that doesn’t stop just because you’re literally unconscious. It’s called Pokemon Sleep and, as per Variety, the company “wants to do for sleeping what Pokemon Go did for walking.” How does that work? Apparently the app game “tracks a user’s sleeping patterns and the gameplay then adjusts based on their sleeping pattern.”

The app game will be available on a new device they’re creating with Nintendo called Pokemon Go Plus, which they also announced at the press conference. Said device can be placed beside one’s head at night, much like one of those apps that judge one’s sleeping patterns. Neither the gizmo nor the game will be available till 2020, so you’ll have plenty of boring, non-Pokemon-playing nights of sleep on the horizon.

(Via Variety and The Verge)